Clam Shell Bucket TMC 40-80

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Intermercato Clamshell Buckets are suited to Excavators and Cranes from 500kg to over 30 tonne capacity.

TMC, TGO, TCB are designed for moving stockpiles. These are very efficient at loading, choose which style suits your crane and loading requirements.

TGO also has the advantage of removable side plates.

Mounting of most clamshell buckets is usually via a link - cardanic suspension. Some heavy duty clamshells are suited to rigid mounting.

Clamshell buckets are very efficient at loading, as both shells oppose each other - forcing their way into the material, whereas a standard bucket continually pushes the spoil outwards.

Clamshell buckets allows trucks to self-load with a crane, freeing up site machinery for other uses. Clamshell buckets are also able to load from the very bottom of the heap, and even clean up a site as everything can be clamped neatly into the bucket.

The clamshell faces and mountings are all made from HARDOX and reinforced to give extra strength and durability for longevity.

All Clamshell Buckets have the following features:

  • Every pin greaseable with protected grease nipples - designed for a long life.
  • High clamping forces with oversised pistons - allows secure gripping of any load.
  • Bronze bushes throughout - maximise its life.
  • All excavator series made from the highest quality steel available - HARDOX.
  • Built by a company specialising in excavator grabs and grapples for over 20 years.

All clamshell buckets can be matched with Intermercato's line up of 360 degree continuous rotators.

A lot of customising exists, such as galvanised coatings for marine use and clamshells up to 6.0 cu m, please contact us for options.

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